Product Update | A Bittersweet Farewell to The Classic Line and The Artisan Line

TL;DR: We are saying goodbye to the Classic and Artisan razors - the Cascade Steel will take it from here so we may decrease lead times ASAP! We’ll release limited edition runs of the models we’re retiring. Sign-up for email updates to be the first to know when these limited edition razors are released!

In order to better serve you all, we must retire our Classic and Artisan line razors on a built-to-order basis. The Cascade Steels will take their place as our flagship razor line. We made this decision based on abundant positive customer feedback of the Cascade Steels and upon reevaluation of our own stated mission: to provide the tools and knowledge you need to get your best shave and to make the last razor you'll ever need.

We are simplifying our product offerings in an effort to increase efficiency and refocus attention toward making razors built to last. As many of you already know (and have probably experienced first-hand!), we’ve carried a backorder since starting Portland Razor Co. 5 years ago. This has always been a point of discomfort for us. We are not willing to compromise on quality but also need to focus on fulfilling orders in a timely manner. In fact, we believe heaps of gratitude are owed to those of you reading this who stuck out the lead time! The decision to simplify was a tough one, and the end of the Classic and Artisan lines is bitter-sweet, as all endings tend to be.

We’ve worked hard over the past 5 years to make straight razors that delight our customers and learned a ton along the way. Incremental improvements in our designs, materials, and processes have culminated in the Cascade Steel Line. The razors are sharper and are more durable and easier to maintain than anything else on the market. They are even easy to sanitize for use in barbershops and salons! For these reasons, we feel the Cascade Steel line straight razors are best suited to meet the needs of professionals and home shavers alike.

Now, we do still have materials on hand to produce a final run of our Classic and Artisan razors, of course. And you all know we would never let good material go to waste, so we will celebrate these departing models with a Farewell Tour! In the coming months, we will create limited edition in-stocks of all the models to be retired as a last hurrah! We will send out notifications to our email subscribers 24-48 hours before we announce these limited edition razors on our social media channels.

Of course there is one very important component to this that we would be remiss not to address here; if you already have a Classic or Artisan razor on order, do not fret! Your order will be fulfilled as planned!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. As always, we’d love to hear from you.