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Portland Razor Co. is happy to offer professional tools for Barbers, Stylists, and other licensed professionals. These specialty tools are designed for use in barbershops and salons because unlike other straight razors, all components of our Professional Line straight razors may be fully sanitized. 

For many years now, disposable razors have become commonplace in shops all over the United States. Students are often told in barber school that conventional straight razor use  is illegal. This is simply bad information. With proper sanitary technique, conventional straight razors can be used in most states. We believe that conventional straight razors not only out-perform disposable razors in many categories, they also offer a waste-free solution to practitioners in search of green alternatives. 

Because most students are not taught how to shave with--or care for--a conventional straight razor in their formal education, we have designed our own certifications so that you have the best experience with your Portland Razor Co. Professional Line straight razors! 

Continue reading for more information on our certification levels.

Level 1 Certification

Practitioners with a Level 1 Certification have taken an online exam to demonstrate understanding of the basic care, maintenance, and sanitation of conventional straight razors. This certification is required to purchase our Professional Line straight razors.

Topics dicussed in the Level 1 Certification include, but are not limited to:

Straight Razor Anatomy
Strop Anatomy
Safe Handling of the Razor
Special Care Considerations
Honing // When to hone, who can hone
Sanitation // Licensed professionals are expected to perform due diligence and check with their local health authority for specific guidelines and regulations controlling the use of straight razors before using them in a licensed facility.

To become Level 1 Certified, read through the Level 1 information documents and take the online exam. After you submit the exam, we will review and contact you within 5-7 business days with your results.

Cost: Free

Level 2 Certification

Practitioners with a Level 2 certification have attended a Level 2 seminar/demonstration and have also completed the Level 1 test. Skills covered include workflow, the Portland Shave process, customer service, and sanitation.

To become Level 2 Certified, attend a level 2 seminar

Cost: Free

Level 3 Certification

Pracitioners with a Level 3 certification have attended the Level 3 course/seminar and completed a practical exam. Those who pass the practical exam and receive their Level 3 certificate are trusted professionals and may enjoy the benefit of reduced prices on Portland Razor Co. Professional Line Razors and Honing Services.

Students are responsible for providing 2 of their own models, 1 for Day 1 demonstrations and 1 for the practical exam on Day 2 of the course.

Level 3 Barbers

Day 1 // Demonstration and hands-on practice of essential skills including:
Building a lather
Hot/Cold towels, special techniques
Conventional straight razor care
The Portland Shave

Day 2 // Practical exam

Cost: Varies on number of students and location. Contact for pricing details.




To purchase a Professional Line straight razor, login is required. Please complete Level 1 Certification. Upon completion of Level 1 certification, users will be contacted by Portland Razor Co. and will be provided with a Member Login to shop the Professional Line.

If you have already obtained Level 1 Certification, you may login below. 

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Still want to know more about the Portland Razor Co. Professional Line straight razors? Please email us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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