How to Shave Like Your Great Grandma

We know, we know: Your Great Grandma probably didn't shave. 

You see, there's just no precedent for women using straight razors. When straights were most prevalent, it was still scandalous for women in America to show their ankles in public! Nobody was going to see your silky-smooth skin except in the most... ahem... intimate setting, and I can't imagine there was a lot of trend-setting to be done coiffing women's body hair at the time. But this entertains the notion that women (and men, for that matter) shave their bodies for others' benefit, which is an infuriatingly patriarchal notion, so allow me a clarification: shaving is a personal decision, one that your peers have no business making for you.

We are obviously pro-shaving, and yet you will often catch us sporting several weeks of chin-fluff (we're insanely busy making beautiful razors, after all). Further, we are fully aware and comfortable with the fact that the women in our lives may skip shaving here and there, or choose not to shave at all. That's a choice people make for themselves and we encourage that kind of free-thinking around here. Our company and our products only hope to provide the best tools for the job when you decide that it's time to slay any furry beasts.

In case you've been wondering, all of our products are also products for women! We may not brand them differently, but all of our razors and strops work perfectly well for women. Our products do not discriminate based on the gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation of your fluff, scruff, whiskers and curls. They work to sever asunder undesired strands, stubble and vibrissae without prejudice and with precision, while offering a permanent and sustainable solution to your daily shaving ritual.