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Hands-On Honing and Razor Care Class

At Portland Razor Co. we strive to offer everything you need to have a terrific shave. In our opinion, one of the most rewarding parts of shaving with a straight razor is the self reliance it can bring to your routine. We invite you to our workshop to learn these hard skills first-hand with a Portland Razor Co. Razorsmith at your side. This single 2 1/2-hour class will cover basic razor care such as stropping, tightening straight razor pins, cleaning the blade, cleaning the scales, and honing your straight razor.

You can expect to leave this class with:
(x1) Norton 4k/8k stone
(x1) 1.5 oz can Ballistol maintenance oil
the know-how to care for and hone your straight razor all on your own.

Class Location:
Portland Razor Co.
120 SW Grover St #204
Portland, OR 97239

Class Time:
10:00AM - 12:30PM

Cancellation Policy:
If you have signed up for a class and cannot attend for any reason, we will mail your stone and ballistol to you and refund the difference (shipping fees may vary). If you wish to sign up for a later class, the sign-up fee is $60. If you need to cancel, please email us with as much notice as possible and we will make the arrangements.

What If I Have My Own Stones?
We may be able to offer a discount for students bringing comparable stones to the class. Please email us ahead of time to discuss.

Can I take this class remotely?
We will not livestream or post a video of the class. The structure of the class is dependent on in-person, hands-on feedback.