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Portland Razor Co. handcrafts modern straight razors and shaving supplies in Portland, OR using high quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. We are here to supply all of the essential tools and knowledge you need to never throw another razor into the trash again. We believe that straight razors can enrich your life beyond providing a terrific shave. The straight razor demands respect and responsibility: treat the blade well and it will treat you well. Carry this same responsibility with you into the world and wonderful things can happen.

Experience shaving how it was meant to be with Portland Razor Co.

Scott Miyako - Founder

Scott Miyako - Founder, Master Razorsmith // I am originally from Los Angeles, California, but the culture and environment of the Pacific Northwest has always resonated with me so I decided I'd make my way to Portland, OR.  I've spent most of my life hand-working metal and wood. More than anything, I have a great appreciation for tools and finding the "right tool for the job." A few years ago, my search for the perfect shaving tool led me to straight shaving. Straight shaving quickly became a passion of mine and it wasn't long before I decided I needed to find a way to bring straight shaving to others. Starting Portland Razor Co. has been a way to combine my love of American manufacturing, my passion for straight shaving, and my love of working with my hands. My hope is that as we continue to evolve and grow, our team will bring you all of the quality tools and supplies necessary for a great straight shave.  In the meantime, enjoy our selection of straight razors and strops!

"I straight shave with a straight razor because it is the best tool for the job."

My Setup: Cascade Steel Round Point straight razor, Deluxe English Bridle Strop in Sauvie Amber, Olive Oil (for pre-shave), and Portland Razor Co. Executive Shave Cream, Lavender Mint. 

portland straught razor co cofounder

Alex Pletcher - Co-Founder, Creative Director // Ever in pursuit of sustainable practices, Alex is proud that through Portland Razor Co. she can offer alternatives for those daring enough to say “no” to disposable, toxic goods of convenience and short-sightedness. Alex’s largest priorities around the shop are brand development, art direction, coordinating events and brand collaborations, and website upkeep. She wants you to know that YOU CAN shave your legs (etc!) with a straight razor and it’s really not that scary. Outside of Portland Razor Co., she may be found sewing, running, or on set where she plays set and costume designer.

"I straight shave because it is a zero-waste solution."

My Setup: Cascade Steel 1.75-inch Round Point straight razor, Deluxe English Bridle Strop in Sauvie Amber, Craftsman Soap Co. Fragrance Free shaving soap, Thayer's Rose Petal Alcohol-free Toner.

hunter lea portland razor co

Hunter Lea - Honemeister, Senior Razorsmith // Hunter is a 3rd generation craftsman and joined PR in 2014 following his lifelong fascination with all things sharp. While he is our primary honemeister, Hunter also manages client services at Portland Shave Shop and creates informative content for our blog and social media. Hunter identifies strongly with PR's philosophy of constant improvement and care for the environment. When he isn't honing straight razors, Hunter likes making coffee, lifting heavy things and adventuring in the Oregon wilderness. 

"I straight shave because It's meditative.
a straight shave sets me up to be focused for the rest of the day."

My Setup: Cascade Steel Round Point straight razor, Deluxe English Bridle Strop in Hawthorne Brown, Craftsman Soap Co. Citrus Spruce shaving soap, Craftsman Soap Co. Brushwood aftershave.