Portland Shave Shop

Portland Shave Shop is our retail arm. After years of making product and bringing the public into our dirty and mostly unaccommodating workshop, we decided we needed a place where we could talk about straight razors and wet shaving that was a little more... welcoming?

We were able to re-organize our production line and carved out enough space for our very own shave shop! It took many extra weekends and some serious contributions from helpful friends, but it all came together and Portland Shave Shop opened in May 2017!  

The shave shop keeps regular hours Tuesday-Saturday. Please note, visits to Portland Razor Co.'s manufacturing space still require an appointment


The Barbershop 

Our 1920s barber chairs are not only a stunning show pieces of the space, they host personalized, relaxing, and top-notch barber services by appointment only. Call or book online to schedule a haircut, shave, lineup, or beard trim.


Portland Shave Shop carries a variety of shaving, beard, moustache, and hair care products in addition to Portland Razor Co. straight razors & strops. We are happy to demo techniques such as building a lather or stropping. 


Portland Shave Shop hosts events such as shave meet-ups, barber master classes, straight razor shaving for home shavers, straight razor honing classes, etc. Follow @portlandshaveshop on Instagram or Facebook to keep updated on special events