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We all know that in today's market, you can never stop learning. Our classes and certifications will help you get the most out of your conventional straight razor, improve the quality of your services, and help you stand out. Certifications are obtained both in person and online and are packed with useful information for new and veteran barbers alike.

Bronze Certification

Practitioners with a Bronze Certification have taken an online exam to demonstrate understanding of the basic care, maintenance, and sanitation of conventional straight razors.

Topics discussed in the Bronze Certification include, but are not limited to:

Straight Razor Anatomy
Strop Anatomy
Safe Handling of the Razor
Special Care Considerations
Honing // When to hone, who can hone
Sanitation // Licensed professionals are expected to perform due diligence and check with their local health authority for specific guidelines and regulations controlling the use of straight razors before using them in a licensed facility.

To become Bronze Certified, read through the Bronze Level Info Documents and take the online exam. After you submit the exam, we will review and contact you within 5-7 business days with your results.

Silver Certification

Practitioners with a Silver Certification have attended a Silver Certification seminar and have demonstrated working knowledge of conventional straight razors.

Essential skill and demonstrations covered in Silver Certification seminar:
The Portland Shave Process
Customer Service
Sanitation Techniques
Exam in which practitioners demonstrate safe straight razor sanitation and handling techniques

Shop Owners: If you would like to HOST a Silver Certification Class, please contact us for more info.

Gold Certification

Pracitioners with a Gold Certification have attended the required course and have completed a practical exam. This course offers individual hands-on training. Those who pass the practical exam and receive their Gold Certification are trusted professionals and may enjoy the benefit of reduced prices on Portland Razor Co. Professional Line Razors and Honing Services.

Practitioners seeking Gold Certification are responsible for providing their own model for the practical examination.

Essential skills and hands-on practice covered in Gold Certification course:
The Portland Shave Process
Customer Service
Sanitation Techniques
Building a lather
Hot/Cold towels, special techniques
Conventional straight razor care
Exam in which practitioners demonstrate safe straight razor sanitation and handling techniques. Pracitioner must show satisfactory shaving technique and apply workflow from Gold Cert course.



In our opinion, one of the most rewarding parts of shaving with a straight razor is the self reliance it can bring to your routine. We invite you to our workshop to learn these hard skills first-hand with a Portland Razor Co. Razorsmith at your side. This single 2 1/2-hour class will cover basic razor care such as stropping, tightening straight razor pins, cleaning the blade, cleaning the scales, and honing your straight razor.

You can expect to leave this class with the know-how to care for and hone your straight razor all on your own. 

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