7 Day Shave Set

Why not shave with a different straight razor every day of the week? Not only are they very collectible, seven-day shave sets allow daily shavers to distribute the wear between blades, thereby prolonging their life and reducing the amount of upkeep required to keep them performing flawlessly day after day, year after year, and generation to generation. 

Handmade in Portland, OR
- 7 Straight Razors
- Quarter-Hollow Ground O1 Carbon Steel
- Hardened to 62 HRC
- Shave-Ready: Hand-Honed to 12K Grit and Stropped Before Shipping
- Brass Pinned by Hand
- Includes Custom Laser-Engraved Wooden Box (not sold separately)

Contact us directly for pricing info and availability.
Pictured below are samples of our 7 Day Shave Set capabilities. Given the custom nature of these projects, please let us know what you have in mind for your own set and we will be happy to work with you. 

7 day shave set-2.jpg
7 day shave set-6.jpg
7 day shave set-5.jpg
7 day shave set.jpg
7 day shave set-4.jpg
7 day shave set.jpg
7 day shave set-7.jpg